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Good Bye Funky Vibes - Tips for Clearing your House

Nine times out of ten when I clear a house, the energy is residual and I am not necessarily dealing with a spirit.

Residual energy is left behind by people and loads of different things can cause this.

Things like long periods of disharmony among those living in the house, illness, states of consciousness or mind etc. Many things will cause a house to feel “heavy”, or make you feel uneasy, feelings of being watched or even audible noises. Energy can manifest itself to cause nausea, banging in the walls, creaking or sudden drafts or changes in the atmosphere. It is not always a ghost😊👻

When does a house need clearing?

  1. The perfect time to clear a house is if you are moving into a new home. The house is like pre loved clothing……I hope you would wash them before you wear them?! Same goes with your home. You don't always know the history of the home or those that resided there before you.

  2. After a partner moves out or a relationship break down.

  3. Your place just feels blah.

  4. If the house feels like it has bad juju and something unexplainable is happening….. we all know if somethings up. Trust your intuition.

If you are fearful or nervous

about clearing your home, DO NOT do it yourself.

So you want to have a go at clearing energy yourself? The most popular or well known way to shift energy is using incense, burning sage or palo santo.

These methods are good for moving out stale energy and to brighten up the home and leave it feeling uplifted and energized.

Tips for having a go yourself:

  • First of all. It stinks for a reason. I don’t love the smell and so I’m guessing half of the theory is ...neither does spirit. The other way that it works is that is has a higher vibration and this is what helps transform your rooms.

  • Once you have the palo santo/sage lit and smoking nicely, take a moment to center yourself and set the intention that you are asking all energy that no longer serves the home and those that live in it to return to wherever it belongs.

  • Start at one end of your home and work your way to the other, making sure to get into all the cupboards, nooks and crannies in a methodical way. Some say that working anti clockwise around the rooms works best…. aka witches.🦸‍♂️

  • Once done, open up all the doors and windows to allow a flow through of air to push out the smoke and hence taking away the negative energy with it. Ask your guides that the entire house is filled with healing love and light and imagine it happening😊 Yes, even if you have no idea about guides, they are with you and are willing to help!

  • A powerful way to do this is to ask out loud……you will sound crazy and that’s great.

  • Try meditating and see a golden four sided pyramid encompassing your entire house. Drop the base of the pyramid below the ground half a meter so your home is completely enclosed. The top of the pyramid is open. Imagine Golden light pouring into the pyramid until it fills every available space within the pyramid and your home. Seal the pyramid and thank your guides.

  • When you are done, take yourself outside and shake it off. Literally. Time to look crazy….again.

  • When you go back inside your house it should be feeling light and wonderful and you should be feeling mighty proud too. (If the house feels worse you may be dealing with a spirit that is reluctant to move out and I would suggest contacting someone who is sensitive to spirit and has experience in crossing them over.)

How to maintain a cleared home?

  • Keep the clutter away….. energy can become sticky and it will not flow away as easily if it has boxes and “hoarded” things to get around.

  • Plenty of Natural Light

  • Keep dust from setting too long.

  • Selenite and black tourmaline placed around the house are great crystals for raising vibes and eliminating negativity.

  • When sweeping your home do it with meaning. You are sweeping out the old. Straight out the door!! Emptying the vacuum. Simply say good bye to old energy as you empty it into the rubbish bin. Then seal in your goodness as you mop. It’s nice to add a few drops of sage oil to your bucket too!

When I am clearing a house I like to use incense and I am able to see the energy move and feel it shift. I always ground and protect the space and use meditation, my spirit guides and esoteric attunements to clear the home and fill it with source energy/healing light. On most occasions if we are dealing with spirit the reason for whatever has been happening in the home will become apparent, messages are passed on and the spirit is crossed over.

"Your home should be your sanctuary"

Contact me to discuss your situation and if a house clearing is suitable for you.

Blessings of Divine Light.



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