I received a lovely reading from Paula so detailed and every word so meaningful, would highly recommend for anyone who needs some guidance or advice or even a little healing as she’s done all of these things for me! I’m so thankful for your beautiful power



Psychic Tarot Reader

Reiki Grand Master and Teacher

Meditation Facilitator

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy(Dorlores Cannon)



Healing Energy knows neither Time or Space

Relax in the comfort of your own home to the sound of my voice guiding you into meditation.

Healing energy will be channeled from me to you in real time and to anywhere on this planet.

Some will see beautiful color, some will feel warmth or different sensations and some may not notice anything but peace and calm.

Either way, Source energy will find you, soothe you, balance your chakras and clear your auric field.


Time : 1 hour (allow extra time for post session discussion)

Cost : $90.00

Session via Skype or Zoom

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Source Energy

Feeling not quite right? Do yourself a favor and take some time for you.This is a gentle, safe and beautiful way to soothe every aspect of your being.Reiki and intuitive healing can ease physical pain and hold a safe space for energetic shifts on a deep emotional level.Stillness allows messages from the spirit realm to come through specifically for you.A soothing way for source energy to clear old energy and bring in the new. Time : 1 hour (Allow extra time for post session discussion)Cost : $90

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Reiki Treatment


A Message Just For You

A sacred space is held for you to receive messages from your guides, angels and may connect you to loved ones in spirit.

I use tarot cards to bring understanding and guidance for those moments of confusion in our lives or just when we want a sneak peak!

Love, Career and Family are hot topics or sometimes life in general.

Readings are conducted in person or via phone, Skype or Zoom


It is always fun to bring along an item that is dear to you or that you keep close.

Time : min 45 minutes

Cost $ 60.00

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Moon Gazing

"Love is the most powerful vibrational frequency in the Universe"

Muses from a Mystic



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